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What makes a place sacred?

I've been travelling in Japan/Taiwan for the last three-ish weeks (more on that later). (Dudes, I love travelling, it's ridiculous. Like can I travel forever, please? (Probably why I was excited to move to Australia, to be honest. Vacation forever! (Although unfortunately "vacation forever" comes with life responsibilities, as I've discovered.) Anyways, I was going somewhere with this.))

I'm hardly a Zen Buddhist, and I've been a Christian all my life. Despite my faith I found myself connecting to the Tenjuan Temple garden in Kyoto in a deeply spiritual way during my visit to Japan. 

I wandered through the water garden, twice, alone. Koi fish followed me, hoping for a scrap of food to fall from my pocket into the pond. The wind bit my cheeks and nose, whistled through the bamboo, made me shove my fingers into my pockets. 

And everything was still. Inside and outside. 

My breathing calmed and the tangled mess of thoughts knotting in my head stopped for a bless…

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